Sigh of Relief

Destitute was the spirits season. You came into me, gave my heart reason, Its beating, Believing that your kisses breathes into me, Be the breeze behind me pushing me forward, All I want to do is have you against my skin until my every memory of me flows as one with yours.


Spiritually I,

Drink in these kisses,


Drunk on fine wine,

Feel you tickling my bones,

Every fantasy leads to me seeing your body on mine.

A toast to the memories both real and imagined.

Facts of me inside of you will blissfully forever be,

Quenched my thirst for breath and kisses, in the same you breathe into me.

May I beg you for more?

And when I do, I have you know it’s no pity required because I adore,

adoration turns into need,

Elation births belief,

In love,

Magnified ten everytime we touch.