Day 2 of Trumpism

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So on Trump.  People on the news and over facebook are saying he will make changes because he cant be bought.  His personal wealth doesnt mean he doesnt owe favors.

Now i can agree he bucked the establishment but the American people gave him a house full of career politicians.   He is not going change them.  Something will give.  My vote is the party will show him its muscle behind closed doors.  Thats a hell of a beast no matter how much money he has.

If he runs the United States like a business what are those congress people gonna say when they return to their republican district without funding.  AND that explains how the people saying this (he cant be bought) talk are ill informed.  Somebody will change.

Instead what you mean to say is “I believe he will do things for me.” This talk of the lack of corporate influence in his administration is something Republicans are saying to make the message palletable


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