Daily Prompt: Festive

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I’m not big on holidays. My lack of enthusiasm toward them has everything to do with being a cynic. An 18 family member five day cruise slowly coaxed me out of my traditional role of Ebenezer Scrooge  Mac Grinch.  

Top tier dopeness was Cozumel Mexico. The company I spent my time there with was made up of my brother and cousins; all of which fall into age bracket of 16 to 22.  As the resident 29 year old at this gathering I felt a wave of jealousy against them that was two fold:  1) They are so young and free, still figuring out what they want their futures to look like.  They haven’t yet faced much disappointment. They are in that range where they can aim fire and dust themselves off if the whole building were to fall around them.  2) I wish I had a cousin to serve as my partner in crime. Their camaraderie is so effortlessly maintained.  They move like a centipede. Many legs pumping following the head. As to who the lead is I can’t tell.  I just sit back and watch for the shock and awe of endless practical jokes.  


Perhaps my spirits were are so high because this is the season to be a temporary alcoholic. Drinks every where combined with the views of an open blue ocean. Being free from chain coffee stores, pine scent and the insistence of all food makers to inject seasonal spices into to everything reshaped my view.  

This year I am thankful. The things that really matter closed the year. Family and friends helped me to appreciate my life.  What better gift is there to give and receive than love?


I am fortunate to have a nice place to stay and enough purchasing power to be generous with mid shelf brown liquor.  I can’t dedicate any energy to being upset about not having a new macbook to open or to being disgruntled about the starbucks cup design.

Just like I was two decades back around this time of year. I’m too excited to sleep.  Today this wave of insomnia has nothing to do with the prospect of unboxing a new Nintendo 64; instead it’s about the pains and joys the new year will bring.  I’m ready for whatever 2017 will bring.  I have a gut feeling that I will survive.  This was the best Christmas ever. In the spirit of wishing your the same: Merry Christmas!


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