Do you pamper your dog? is for you. 

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TheFurver- the burning desire to show love to a k9 friend.  

I wanted to create something for people who love their dogs.  I’ve had the privilege to have 4 dogs in my life 3 of which I lost

The other, named Tiger I had the pleasure of being best friends with from the ages of 7 to 21.  

Owning a dog (scratch that) forming a friendship with a dog is a unique honor. They have so much charisma and are so very loyal, and cute, and funny, and smart but somehow it’s like raising a kid who never learns.  

But about the Furver. I wanted to be a part of dog lovers families by offering products that cause our furry friends no harm.  I offer food and treats made with natural and when possible organic  ingredients that sound tasty enough for human consumption but are blended with everything we need to give a dog a healthy joyous long life.  

You will find durable doggy  products that look elegant and food that is sounds so delicious that you too would want to have a bite.  

The Furver is all about doing right by our wooly pals.  Doing right means keeping them well fed, happy, warm and comfortable.  If you pamper your K-9 buddy let serve you.  


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