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This next breath both poison and prescious.  


Red Velvet (50 words of dope Love)(The oldfasioned kind of love too)

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As if the only way to hold onto this moment is to lock it between our joined palms and intertwined fingers.  

With everywhere you are being where and why I are, 

and still 

that being not enough To slow these two hearts racing through the joys of all that we mean to us.  

Ohh Boo hoo. What are you going to do cry about it?( “Yes, in these 14 words. Sing with me.”)

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My heart heavy,


It’s you with palm

Through my rib


weighing it down.

Do you pamper your dog?thefurver.com is for you. 

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TheFurver- the burning desire to show love to a k9 friend.  

I wanted to create something for people who love their dogs.  I’ve had the privilege to have 4 dogs in my life 3 of which I lost

The other, named Tiger I had the pleasure of being best friends with from the ages of 7 to 21.  

Owning a dog (scratch that) forming a friendship with a dog is a unique honor. They have so much charisma and are so very loyal, and cute, and funny, and smart but somehow it’s like raising a kid who never learns.  

But about the Furver. I wanted to be a part of dog lovers families by offering products that cause our furry friends no harm.  I offer food and treats made with natural and when possible organic  ingredients that sound tasty enough for human consumption but are blended with everything we need to give a dog a healthy joyous long life.  

You will find durable doggy  products that look elegant and food that is sounds so delicious that you too would want to have a bite.  

The Furver is all about doing right by our wooly pals.  Doing right means keeping them well fed, happy, warm and comfortable.  If you pamper your K-9 buddy let theFurver.com serve you.  

My favorite song to get motivated and “biznessy”

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Dee-1 shut up and grind.

I recommend this song to anyone building the balance, commitment and focus required to chase a dream.

I treat this song like mantra. The beat is amazing and the message helps me push through my troubles whenever I feel like giving up.

Power Quote: “its a business and we the underdog understand.  All I ask is commitment and trust but I demand that.”

When the negative voice in my head gets too loud, I cranks this here up. I humbly recommend you do the same.

The funniest thing you heard today. (click here to read more)

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Title: Doghouse with a View

“So what happened?”

The sound of her heels clicking into the linoleum pulled my attention away from the screen.  I was just thinking of lunch wanting to join my teammates for chicken and waffles but they didn’t invite me into their planning or to lunch.  Besides if I were to go salad was what i was supposed to have. Never mind lunch though.


“Because you saw dessert?”


…As I was saying, this woman walks by and my desk was just swept into this wind of crisp pear and chrysanthemums and lord knows what else.  

So I stood up and let my eyes greet her and then follow her.

“Like a stalker”

Hush…  I could see its not much of her at all but a big presence.  Her hair long ropes, sweeping the high of her buttocks as she moved.

“Watching like a perv.”

 Quiet…I feared she saw me watching over the top of my cube in the reflection of the glass that makes up the outer walls of the executive offices.  

And she must have because she stops takes her hand and brushes off her bottom, Looks back at me and cranes her head across the room as if she was looking for someone else but I knew I was caught.

“Christ, she sensed a peeping Tom.”

This was an excerpt. Download the full 1500 words from amazon below.