My favorite song to get motivated and “biznessy”

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Dee-1 shut up and grind.

I recommend this song to anyone building the balance, commitment and focus required to chase a dream.

I treat this song like mantra. The beat is amazing and the message helps me push through my troubles whenever I feel like giving up.

Power Quote: “its a business and we the underdog understand.  All I ask is commitment and trust but I demand that.”

When the negative voice in my head gets too loud, I cranks this here up. I humbly recommend you do the same.

The funniest thing you heard today. (click here to read more)

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Title: Doghouse with a View

“So what happened?”

The sound of her heels clicking into the linoleum pulled my attention away from the screen.  I was just thinking of lunch wanting to join my teammates for chicken and waffles but they didn’t invite me into their planning or to lunch.  Besides if I were to go salad was what i was supposed to have. Never mind lunch though.


“Because you saw dessert?”


…As I was saying, this woman walks by and my desk was just swept into this wind of crisp pear and chrysanthemums and lord knows what else.  

So I stood up and let my eyes greet her and then follow her.

“Like a stalker”

Hush…  I could see its not much of her at all but a big presence.  Her hair long ropes, sweeping the high of her buttocks as she moved.

“Watching like a perv.”

 Quiet…I feared she saw me watching over the top of my cube in the reflection of the glass that makes up the outer walls of the executive offices.  

And she must have because she stops takes her hand and brushes off her bottom, Looks back at me and cranes her head across the room as if she was looking for someone else but I knew I was caught.

“Christ, she sensed a peeping Tom.”

This was an excerpt. Download the full 1500 words from amazon below. 

Vicarious Victories (love poem)

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Title: Vicarious Victories (poem)

So hopeful that one day when you think of me you think we

Ode to the possibility of a new vision illuminated  under the glow of your halo,

So alive

Over the mights

And could bes Alone

Just want your attention

Just want to serve you, bow to you being the queen whose throne is my body, whose body is my heart’s home.

Harmony with You (love poem)

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Title: Harmony with you (poem)

Even in darkness,

To have

To hold

Would have me whole

Long past when my bones mark me old


even still i would be in perfect

harmony with you,

As my grip arthritically lock in perfect position from this exact overuse,

of spending my days being wrapped around you.  

Could never let you go,

that is my truth

Would confess it under oath even

If a fire squad was prepared to aim and shoot,

if i even hinted at that this love  

at being

crafted by god and hand wrapped as a gift within me to only be unpackaged by your hands.

still i’d swear that my purpose was solely fashioned to be your man.


even to die behind your name under such a narrative: an honor.

May i fade to blackness feeling a fall into a heaven a tenth as sweet as the sweat from your bonnet.

May forever simply be millions of renditions of the singing of a sonnet,

Written and performed by the angels over how i waited for you to love me.

How i prayed that the feel of your presence would forever touch me.

How we looked into each others eyes and the trust in our shared gaze let you know I was ready to protect and serve.  

How I feared no man ever again the moment my lips touched your skin, Uncertainty was removed: for I knew to cherish all that you are, are not, ever cared to be was my sole purpose in experiencing earth.  


Sigh of Relief

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Destitute was the spirits season. You came into me, gave my heart reason, Its beating, Believing that your kisses breathes into me, Be the breeze behind me pushing me forward, All I want to do is have you against my skin until my every memory of me flows as one with yours.

From Lifeless to…

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Loving the manner in which the  priceless lifts me from lifeless to the heavens by way of this tight embrace. Touching this night with you holding onto our good night kiss, still, it feels of pure joy in being  next to you.

Blessed to  live under the very same breeze.

mouth and belly filled with the same sweetness of knowing these times, in this same space.   

Oh the joys your name make. Pains and aches remedied, hurt undone with earned trust and the panacea in the touch of your fingertips against my face.

Heard the frequency of a yellow sun broadcast  how we could forever cover one another from shades of  blue, with me,  counting every second giving thanks for every way of you.  


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Spiritually I,

Drink in these kisses,


Drunk on fine wine,

Feel you tickling my bones,

Every fantasy leads to me seeing your body on mine.

A toast to the memories both real and imagined.

Facts of me inside of you will blissfully forever be,

Quenched my thirst for breath and kisses, in the same you breathe into me.  

May I beg you for more?

And when I do, I have you know it’s no pity required because I adore,

adoration turns into need,

Elation births belief,

In love,

Magnified ten everytime we touch.